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Shoot Catering
Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to all services and deliveries provided by Grace&Skye. By using the company’s services, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms.


We require written confirmation of your order (email or text) at least three days in advance to the first shoot date. This includes the final dates of the shoot, your chosen menu, hot or cold menu, dietary requirements and the number of people catered for. 

Please see dietary requirements below for more detail.

 Confirmation by email means you agree to our T&Cs and are in contract with us. 

Cancellations and postponement

If you wish to cancel your booking with us (after written confirmation) we charge a cancellation fee of 25% of the total amount, if cancelled within 48 hours’ notice. If you cancel less than 48 hours’ notice the full amount is charged.


Transport costs are quoted based on location and numbers of crew (for larger crews we will need to arrange a transit van). Small shoots under 50 people start at £55 per delivery drop.

If you have ordered hot food, we will need to make a delivery drop for each meal you order.

Dietary requirements

We understand gathering dietaries can be a challenge, but we kindly ask you to submit your final dietary requirements and numbers no less than 72 hours in advance to the first call time on the first day of your shoot.

If your shoot falls on a Monday we will need this information by 10am on Friday to make our food orders.

If you require multiple dietary requirements  (i.e. Dairy free, Vegan + GF)  this will come at an additional cost,

we try to be as accommodating to dietaries as possible but as it requires surplus ingredients,

we charge an extra fee per head depending on the ingredients required. 

If you need to make changes with less than 48 hours’ notice, our kitchen may not be able to accommodate you, we will try our hardest where possible, if it does happen a £5  surcharge per head will be added to your final invoice.

If dietary requirements are not provided within our notice period we will do a 60/40 split of meat/vegetarian options.


Grace&Skye are responsible for the delivery and the appropriate labelling of all dietary requirements and allergens on delivery boxes. All of our shoot boxes will be labelled with specified dietary requirements/allergens. There is also a sheet detailing the allergens in each box provided with order.

Once food is removed from the labelled boxes, Grace&Skye are no longer liable.

Grace&Skye operate out of a kitchen that handles nuts and gluten and we cannot accept responsibility for traces found in food.

 We do not label boxes for those who have no dietary requirements unless specifically requested.

If you do require boxes to be personally named boxes for individuals,  we can do so at an addition of £1.50 per person.

Call times for delivery

Call times need to be submitted 48 hours in advance to the first shoot date.

Pre 8am call time £50 extra charge, pre 7:30am call time £100 extra charge, pre 7am call time £150 extra charge.


How to choose from the menu

We use a monthly seasonal menu for shoot catering, this is a smaller menu and keeps in line with seasonal produce. We reserve the right to change these menus in accordance with seasonal produce availability. These seasonal menus can only be booked for shoots happening in the coming seven days. We send our larger menu option to clients looking for shoot catering with an advanced schedule. All menus have prices attached, please inform us on whether you would like the cold or hot option, this allows us to quote correctly. It is one option for all crew per meal.

Hot food

For health and safety reasons we do not recommend having hot food delivered in our thermo boxes if you are at a location that is further than 1.5hrs away from our kitchen in Crystal Palace, SE19

If your shoot date is postponed, we can postpone catering to the new date (pending availability) free of charge, with 72 hours’ notice. Anymore and a charge will apply.

Quantities & Amounts

Amounts are as stated. For craft and drinks stations; quantities are based on 2-3 cups per person with milk, extra milk can be added at an additional charge, 2 x coffee pods per person are included.
Delivery is with breakfast unless alternate arrangements have been made.


Thermo Boxes & Equipment

The client is responsible for the return of our thermo boxes & equipment at the end of the day. Not doing so will incur a fee. Should these not be returned at the end of the shoot/event then you will be charged per item:
Thermo box - £40 per box
Craft kit - £600

Payment Term

A 50% deposit is required to secure a booking. The remaining balance is due within 7 days of the event. If these payment terms cannot be met, prior arrangements need to be in place and agreed with Grace & Skye Limited.

Late Payment

To secure all bookings, a deposit payment is required. Payment must be received before any food is sent from the kitchen. If the invoice is not settled by the due date, a late payment fee of £40 per day will be added to your invoice.


Health and Safety. Hygiene

All of our food is prepared in a level 5 hygiene rated kitchen. We have implemented extra food safety protocols to safely deliver food during Covid 19. We continue to follow the Food Standard Agency's (FSA) guidance on good hygiene practices in food preparation and their Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) processes.

Grace&Skye operate out of a kitchen that handles nuts and gluten and we cannot accept responsibility for traces found in food. All food is handled with gloves and frequent hand washing is monitored. 


All our packaging is fully compostable or recyclable.


Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about these terms then please contact Grace&Skye by email at

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