Our supper clubs are slightly different…


Why eat indoors when you could be underneath the canopy of an orchard in Sussex? Why go home when you could camp and stay for brekkie the following morning?


At Grace & Skye, we’re always looking for ways we can make our feasts into an extraordinary memory you’ll hold in glorious detail for the rest of your life. But don't take our word for it! Read our testimonials.

"Grace and Skye succeed not only in hosting dinner parties of epic proportions, but also, transporting their guests to a country oasis that feels truly separate from the outside world"


So what can you expect?  


Even though the food is exquisite (and plentiful), we’re as excited about what’s off your plate as what’s on it – how about a sharing board filled with eight dishes inspired by autumn to start, with a ceilidh round a camp-fire to finish?


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"Popping seared grapes nestled snuggly on a burrata bed;

Porchetta - tender and unctuous in equal measure 

a big mouthful of salted chocolate cremeaux drizzled with artisan olive oil"

Tom | Independent 2021